Looking for a hospital shuttle bus for sale in the Northwest? Look no further than Northwest Bus Sales. Our rotating selection of new and used shuttle buses is perfect for hospitals and other healthcare organizations looking for their next passenger transportation vehicle.

Northwest Bus Sales Hospital Bus Inventory

No matter how your organization plans to use the vehicle, our buses are great for transporting staff, patients, and visitors around a medical campus. Specifically, our shuttle buses with wheelchair access make it easy for patients to travel between parking areas and different medical facilities.

Buses with Wheelchair Access for Sale

Our handicap accessible shuttle buses are available for hospitals to accommodate patients and staff with mobile disabilities. As a standard, many of our shuttles have room for two or more wheelchairs.

New and Used Shuttle Buses in the Northwest

Have a limited transportation budget? No problem. Our new and used shuttle buses include plenty of affordable options without sacrificing quality.

Other Passenger Vehicles for Sale

Beyond our most popular shuttle buses, medical personnel may also want to consider a transit bus or another large vehicle to meet high passenger demand. Financing options may be available to help quickly adopt your next purchase.

Need a passenger bus for your hospital?

Hospital managers and healthcare partners seeking buses for sale in the Northwest can count on our inventory of new and used vehicles. Northwest Bus Sales sells hospital shuttle buses with wheelchair access perfect for transporting staff, patients, and visitors around the campus, through parking areas, and to off-site destinations.

Contact us today to learn more about any of our hospital buses for sale by calling Northwest Bus Sales at 800-231-7099!