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Bus Conversion: Choosing the Right Bus for Your Project

Inside of bus conversion. diner setting.

Bus conversion is a popular trend in the DIY sphere. Adventurous individuals are buying used buses to transform into part-time accommodations for traveling, full-time tiny homes (skoolies), and even exciting new business opportunities. If you’re one of these ambitious DIYers in the process of bringing your bus conversion to life, you’ll need the right vehicle to get started. To narrow down your best options, ask yourself these questions to help determine your ideal bus! How Do You Plan on Using Your Bus? First and foremost, you need a bus that will be functional for your specific needs. A vehicle being converted into… Read more »

4 Tricks for Staying Cool on Public Transportation This Summer

Woman waiting outside bus station in the summer sun

Doesn’t it feel like we were just clinking our champagne glasses, ringing in the New Year? And now, suddenly, the spring flowers have bloomed, and we don’t need to wear jackets outside anymore! With summer just around the corner, it’s time to prepare for the heat and humidity that come along with it. Thanks to the invention of air conditioning, this is usually not a problem. However, things can get sticky and sweaty quickly for those who commute on public transportation. Luckily, there are a few tricks you can use to keep cool on public transit. 1) Stay Hydrated Remember… Read more »

How To Make Your Nighttime Bus Ride Safer

Nighttime public transportation bus

Nobody likes the idea of traveling alone in the dark, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. If you have to commute to work or are returning from the city before or after the sun comes up, riding public transportation may seem a little scarier than it is in the daylight. Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to ensure your night trip is as safe as possible. Here are a few precautions you can take to ease your mind when riding the bus at night! Stay on Top of Bus Schedules Thanks to modern technology, there are plenty of ways… Read more »

How School Buses Impact Student Performance

Happy school children waiting to get on school bus

Reliable school transportation is more than just a convenience; it plays a critical role in student’s educational experience and performance. The daily school bus journey, often overlooked, significantly influences academic success, punctuality, safety, and social development. Daily Access and Attendance Consistent access to school bus services directly affects attendance rates. Studies have shown that regular attendance is one of the strongest predictors of academic success. By providing dependable transportation, school buses ensure students can attend classes regularly and on time, reducing absenteeism and its negative impacts on learning. Punctuality and Routine The daily ritual of catching the school bus each… Read more »

4 Ways Your Church Can Benefit from Owning a Used Bus

Used Shuttle Bus for Sale near Seattle

As a church leader, your role extends beyond growing your congregation. It’s about meeting the needs of your existing parish and finding unique ways to connect with your community. Did you know that purchasing a used bus can directly contribute to these goals? A used bus is not just a vehicle; it’s a tool that can help you reach out to your community more impactfully. Here are four ways your church can benefit from owning one! 1) Expand Your Community Outreach Owning a group transportation vehicle provides an excellent opportunity to expand the scope of your service projects. You and your members can travel longer… Read more »

Exploring Nature with Springtime Bus Adventures

Spring bus tour

Spring is a wonderful season that brings new life and beautiful flowers. It’s the perfect time to go outside and explore nature. Bus tours designed for spring adventures provide a great chance for passengers to see the natural world come to life in comfort and style! Why Choose a Bus Tour in Spring? Spring landscapes are a sight to behold, painted with colorful flowers and lush greenery. These picturesque views are best enjoyed without the stress of driving. A bus tour offers a relaxing way to take in the beautiful scenery without worrying about navigating the road. Planning Your Spring… Read more »

Providing Transportation Solutions for Music Festivals and Outdoor Concerts

Portrait of happy crowd enjoying at music festival

Music festivals and outdoor concerts are exciting gatherings that attract crowds from all over, eager to indulge in the exhilaration of live performances and the electrifying atmosphere. However, attending these events can often present logistical challenges, especially regarding transportation. From managing traffic congestion to finding parking spots and ensuring safe travel back home post-event, transportation logistics can significantly impact the overall experience for attendees. This is where reliable transportation services come in handy, providing a seamless and stress-free way for music lovers to travel to and from their favorite festivals and concerts. The Importance of Transportation for Music Festivals and… Read more »

Why You Should Buy Your Used Bus from a Dealership

National New and Used Bus Dealership Northwest Bus Sales lot

There are many places where you can buy a bus nowadays. Although it may seem appealing to purchase from a private seller to negotiate the price, buying from a trustworthy dealership is a smarter, safer, and generally more cost-effective option in the long run. Here are a few reasons you should consider buying a used bus from a dealership! Access to the Bus History You should never invest in something as costly as a bus (or any vehicle) without learning as much as possible about what it has been through. A dealership is far more likely to have full documentation for its… Read more »

5 Reasons to Use Public Transportation

woman looking at her phone and smiling while riding on public bus

Many people don’t consider using public transportation for their daily commuting. They believe owning a car is more convenient and efficient, especially with the latest self-driving technology and luxury features. However, public transportation still has many benefits that are worth considering. Electing to use city buses, shuttles, and other public transit vehicles can greatly benefit both you and your community. The next time you’re headed to work or have to travel across town, consider these five reasons why you should choose public transportation! 1) You’ll Save Money Owning a vehicle and maintaining it can be quite expensive. However, you can significantly reduce… Read more »

How Your Company Can Benefit From Buying a Coach Bus

Coach bus from Northwest Bus Sales

As a business owner, the possibilities for enhancing your company’s operations may seem endless. While a bus might not immediately spring to mind, it’s worth considering its myriad benefits, particularly for businesses deeply entrenched in domestic operations or those seeking to elevate their customer experience. For enterprises relying on extensive travel, accommodating visiting clients, or providing transportation services to customers, investing in a coach bus could be a strategic and rewarding decision and here’s why! Save on Transportation Costs Although the initial cost of purchasing a coach bus may seem daunting, it is a wise investment for companies that require… Read more »