Los Angeles, the City of Angels. A place where every street tells a story, every corner has a history. For those seeking a reliable mode of transportation to navigate through this sprawling city, or even those wanting to start a transport service, we have you covered. Dive into our inventory filled with the best new and used buses. Whether you’re ensuring the comfort of tourists witnessing the grandeur of LA or shuttling students across campuses, our collection offers the right fit for every need.

Our extensive inventory provides a variety of choices. From the sleekness of Highway Coach Buses for long-distance travels to the compact utility of Shuttle Buses perfect for city transits. We understand the varied needs of our diverse clientele. Schools in LA can benefit from our reliable School Buses, ensuring children’s safety during their daily commute. For public transportation authorities, our Passenger Transit Buses are just the ticket, blending efficiency with comfort. Not forgetting the multi-talented Multi-Function School Activity Buses that shine in versatility.

A Trust Built Over Time

Since 1987, we’ve catered to numerous organizations, businesses, and individuals, providing them with vehicles that matched their exact requirements. Over three decades in this industry has taught us one simple thing – it’s not just about selling a bus; it’s about building trust. Every bus we offer has been rigorously inspected to ensure quality and performance.

Beyond Just Sales

Your journey with us doesn’t end once you’ve purchased your bus. We pride ourselves in offering unparalleled customer service. Need assistance after your purchase? Our team of seasoned mechanics and bus specialists is always ready to help, and we’ll safely deliver your bus anywhere in the U.S., including our northern and southern neighbors.

To learn more about the new and used buses we have for sale in Los Angeles, contact us today.