When it comes to bus sales in California, Northwest Bus Sales stands out as a beacon of quality and affordability. We believe that everyone should enjoy safe and comfortable travel without breaking the bank. That’s why we provide an impressive range of new and used buses tailored to suit diverse needs, all at budget-friendly prices.

Shuttle Buses for Sale in California

Perfect for short trips, airport transfers, or event transport, our selection of shuttle buses is designed for functionality and comfort. No matter the size of your group, our variety ensures you’ll find a shuttle bus that matches your specifications, promising swift and comfortable rides every time.

School Buses for Sale in California

Safety, reliability, and durability are essential when it comes to transporting our future generations. At Northwest Bus Sales, we offer school buses that prioritize these attributes. Whether you represent a school district or an independent educational institution, we have the right vehicle to ensure students’ safe travel to and from their educational environments.

Coach Buses for Sale in California

Long-distance travel demands comfort, and our coach buses are crafted to deliver just that. Ideal for tours, charters, or intercity routes, our highway coach buses come with a host of amenities and features that promise a journey as delightful as the destination.

Transit & Trolley Buses for Sale in California

For those in the public transportation sector or even in the tourism industry, our range of passenger transit and trolley buses is unparalleled. Built to withstand daily wear and tear while offering a smooth ride, these buses are a top choice for municipalities and private firms alike.

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With a heritage dating back to 1987, Northwest Bus Sales has stood the test of time, extending its quality offerings from the Northwest U.S. to all over the country. Beyond our top-tier vehicles, our commitment extends to providing an unmatched customer service experience. From assisting with vehicle selection to post-sale support, our team of specialists and seasoned mechanics ensures you’re backed at every step.

Considering a visit to our bus yard? We’re happy to pick you up from the SeaTac International airport. And for those outside the Pacific Northwest, rest assured, we can deliver your chosen bus to any location in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, or Central America. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Dive into our online inventory today, and when something catches your eye, get in touch. Our dedicated team is on standby to provide detailed specifications, photos, and answers to any queries you might have. At Northwest Bus Sales, we’re driven to find the perfect bus for your travel needs.