man comfortably sleeping on coach bus While a bus undoubtedly offers many advantages to its passengers, a smooth and comfortable night of sleep usually isn’t one of them. Getting the quality and quantity of sleep you need anywhere other than your warm bed is tough, but sleeping on the road can be particularly challenging.

Unfortunately, because extended bus trips and overnight buses are often the most efficient transportation options for travelers, you might be stuck with a bus seat as your bed for the night. Don’t worry, though—if you implement these four tips to prepare yourself ahead of your ride, you’ll still be able to squeeze in a few hours of beauty sleep!

1) Pack for Optimal Comfort

If you know you will be sleeping on your bus ride, pack essential comforts to help you settle in for some decent shuteye. A few key items should be a blanket, pillow, or neck pillow, an eye mask, and earplugs (or headphones) to block light and sound.

You’ll also want to dress in layers, or at least bring a few, to prepare for changing temperatures. You might sweat as the sun hits you through the bus window during the day, but that AC will have you shivering at night!

2) Choose Your Seat Wisely

For the best sleep on a bus, try to get a window seat toward the middle of the vehicle. You’re likelier to feel every bump and pothole in the road sitting in the back. The front of the bus may be more disruptive to your senses with noise from the driver’s radio and bright headlights in oncoming traffic glaring through the windshield. The window, of course, will provide extra support to relax your body into a better sleep.

3) Secure Your Valuables

The last thing you want to do is wake up from a few hours of bus sleep to find that somebody swiped your phone or expensive camera while you were out. Unfortunately, since you’re probably riding with strangers, you never know who around you might be tempted to steal something as you sleep.

Before you pull on that eye mask and pop those ear plugs in, stash your bag somewhere you know nobody can get to without waking you up in the process. Under your seat, by your feet, or even on your lap are all good places. Investing in a lock or special travel bag designed to protect the contents might also be a good idea.

4) Time Your Trip for Better Sleep

If you can schedule your bus trip for any time of day, try to book a less crowded bus. Early morning and late at night will probably be your best bet, as there’s a better chance there will be fewer passengers, and you’ll be able to spread out on multiple seats or even an entire row.

Overnight buses are also a good option for better sleep during extended travel. Falling and staying asleep will be easier since the timing syncs up with your body’s normal sleep schedule. Plus, some overnight buses offer small bunks for their passengers so that you can spend the night in an actual bed.

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