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Tips for Safe Winter Bus Driving

coach bus driving down winter road

Winter driving can be challenging due to heavy snowfall, strong winds, and freezing temperatures that create slippery road ice. Even after the snow has been cleared and salted, the driving conditions can still be hazardous, so it’s important to take precautions when traveling during winter. Whether you own or manage a fleet of buses or drive one yourself, it’s important to stay educated on the best safety measures for operating a bus in winter conditions. Keep yourself and your drivers updated with these essential tips for safe winter bus driving! Refresh Everyone’s Training Get new drivers ready and remind seasoned professionals of… Read more »

Essential Tips for Handling Buses in Rainy Weather

Heavy rain on the streets of the city with bus driving by

Rainy weather is no stranger to bus drivers. As the droplets hit the road, creating that familiar pattering sound, a different set of driving challenges arise. Given a bus’s size and weight, they require special attention during wet conditions to ensure the safety of passengers and fellow road users. If you’re behind the wheel of a bus during a downpour, here are some essential tips to navigate safely through the rain-soaked streets! Know Your Bus It’s important to note that every bus is unique, from how it brakes to its tires’ grip. Before setting out on your journey, take some… Read more »

Effortless Bus Parking Techniques for Narrow Spaces

public bus parking in a tight space close to the curb

Parking a bus is like a well-coordinated dance, requiring precision and technique due to its larger size and extended length. When parking in a confined area, understanding the dimensions of your bus is paramount. Knowing the length, width, and height can significantly influence your parking technique. Here are a few methods to turn daunting, narrow spaces into effortless parking zones! Use Your Mirrors When parking your bus, don’t just rely on your rearview mirror. Your side mirrors provide a different perspective to help you see the entire bus length. Take the time to adjust them before parking so you can… Read more »

How To Become a School Bus Driver

New and Used School Buses for Sale

Although many people might not expect it, driving a school bus can be a rewarding career. School bus drivers make a decent salary, get good benefits, have a desirable schedule, and often find their work satisfying. Not to mention, there has been a consistent shortage of school bus drivers over the last few years, which means if you’re thinking about getting started now, you’ll have your pick of jobs and job security once you’re hired. Becoming a school bus driver is not as easy as just applying and showing a driver’s license though. Check out our overview of the trainings… Read more »

Every Bus Driver You Hire Should Have These 5 Qualities

smiling bus driver

When you own or manage a bus business, one of the most important factors in your success is the team of bus drivers you have working for you. Once you’ve come up with your recruitment plan, you’ll need to narrow down which of the applicants will be able to safely and effectively fulfill the role. But when you’re interviewing a wide pool of individuals, how can you tell who will do well and who won’t live up to expectations? The answer is simple: knowing the qualities of a successful bus driver can help you choose the best person for the… Read more »