man with smartphone and laptop in travel bus

When your workplace is in a busy city, and your employees rely on several forms of transportation to make it to work, it might be time to consider some form of an employee shuttle service. With COVID-19 still fresh in people’s minds, it is in your company’s best interest to ensure the safety and well-being of all your workers.

Here are four ways investing in an employee shuttle bus service can enhance your business and keep your workers safe.

1) Save Money

Organizing safe and nearby parking for employees can be challenging, even if you have a parking lot. Maintaining parking lots, and ensuring they are safe, can be a lot of work and even opens some liability issues. For businesses without a parking lot, employees will typically require that you reimburse them for the cost of parking nearby.

An employee shuttle solves all these problems. Shuttle services are an affordable way to avoid reimbursing staff members for mileage on their cars and the often high cost of daily parking.

2) Decrease Traffic Congestion

By using a shuttle bus, you’re contributing to reducing the traffic on the road. Certain health advantages can also be linked to avoiding driving through daily traffic. Studies have shown that driving in high-density traffic can aggravate stress and high blood pressure. Giving employees the option to not worry about driving into the office and knowing that they’ll get to work on time can help alleviate added pressure and anxiety.

3) Increase Employee Productivity

Remote work has caused us to re-evaluate the realities of the workplace environment. Some employees prefer to keep a separation between their personal and professional lives. One of the ways to uphold those boundaries is to head back into the office, keeping work at work and away from home. Offering them a shuttle service could lead to an uptick in worker efficiency for employees who wish to return in person.

As for people who like to stay connected, employees can get their day started before even reaching the office. With Wi-Fi and power outlets available upon request, a company shuttle lets your staff organize meetings, follow up on emails, and review any notes or to-do lists.

4) Recruit New Employees

Offering a shuttle bus service is a great selling point when bringing new talent on board, and it could be the decision that sways a candidate to choose your company over another. It shows that your company cares about your employees and is willing to adapt to the current work climate.

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