New and Used School Buses for SaleThe school bus system is a godsend for parents who don’t have the time or ability to drive their children to and from school every day of the week. Still, in spite of the convenience, some parents worry about sending their kids to school in a vehicle driven by a stranger and filled with children they don’t know.

The truth is, school buses are one of the safest types of vehicles on the road. Aside from that, there are a lot of other ways riding the bus can be an enriching experience for children—check them out below!

1) Kids learn how to manage their time when taking the bus.

Especially as children get older, it’s important that they learn how to stick to a schedule. The school bus is the perfect opportunity for them to do that. Putting kids in charge of getting themselves to and home from school teaches them to be conscious of the time. It also helps them develop their own routine and the self-discipline they need to stick to it.

2) The bus is a good place to make new friends.

When riding the bus, kids have a chance to connect with other kids in their neighborhood. They’ll learn how to make new friends and enhance their social skills, which will benefit them long throughout their lives. If there’s conflict, they’ll learn how to deal with that too. Plus, kids will meet fellow classmates on the bus that they may not encounter anywhere else. They’ll have the opportunity to interact with children from other grade levels, different social circles, classes they don’t normally spend time with, and gain new perspectives.

3) You know your child is safe on the bus.

As mentioned earlier, school buses are actually one of the safest modes of transportation available. They have safety built into their design using a method referred to as compartmentalization. The high, staggered seating is made to absorb impact and protect children in the event of a collision. Additionally, school bus drivers are trained professionals who are dedicated to your child’s safety. Becoming a school bus driver requires extensive testing, licensing, and continued education and training. You’ll have peace of mind knowing they’re in good hands.

4) Riding the school bus teaches responsibility.

Not only do children have to learn how to manage their time when taking the school bus, they also have to learn how to manage themselves and their belongings. It’s up to them to keep track of their backpack, pay attention to the time, and remember where to get on and off every day. Assuming these daily responsibilities helps kids reach a new level of independence.

5) The school bus offers kids freedom.

Even though you might feel better taking your child to and home from school each day, they’d probably prefer to ride with their friends. Those 20 minutes in the morning and afternoon are a chance for kids to have fun together and blow off some steam. It gives them the time and freedom they need and deserve to just be a kid. In between a structured school day and returning home to their parents, time on the bus is something many kids look forward to.

At Northwest Bus Sales, we provide districts all around the country with top-of-the-line new and used school buses. Just like every parent, driver, and educator, we want children riding the bus to be safe and enjoy their experience. Whatever size, style, and features your organization needs in a school bus, we’ll find you the vehicle you’re looking for in our extensive inventory.

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