woman looking at her phone and smiling while riding on public busMany people don’t consider using public transportation for their daily commuting. They believe owning a car is more convenient and efficient, especially with the latest self-driving technology and luxury features. However, public transportation still has many benefits that are worth considering.

Electing to use city buses, shuttles, and other public transit vehicles can greatly benefit both you and your community. The next time you’re headed to work or have to travel across town, consider these five reasons why you should choose public transportation!

1) You’ll Save Money

Owning a vehicle and maintaining it can be quite expensive. However, you can significantly reduce or even eliminate these costs by opting to use public transportation instead. By choosing to travel by public transit, you can save on gas, maintenance, and parking expenses. Additionally, you’ll have the added benefit of contributing to the local community by putting the cost of your fare back into the public sector, which will generate jobs.

2) Safer Than a Car

You might think a bus or shuttle is more dangerous than traveling in a personal car because of its size, but that actually makes it safer! Strategic safety features are built into the very design of the public vehicles you’re riding. With more metal around you and a greater force on the road, you’re less likely to get hurt in an accident.

Additionally, buses and subway cars are better and more regularly maintained than personal vehicles, not to mention the extensive training required to operate a bus!

3) Helps the Environment

Buses have a smaller carbon footprint than any other motorized mode of transportation. They expend less energy per passenger per mile compared to a standard car.

A large public transportation vehicle moves passengers more efficiently by taking more single-occupant vehicles off the road. A typical city bus has a capacity of 40-80 people, depending on its size. In terms of air pollution, that’s one vehicle’s worth of fuel emissions in place of that number.

4) Gives You Extra Time to Relax

As much as you might try, you can’t truly relax while driving a car. You must always be alert and focused to keep you and those around you safe. When someone else is driving, you free up that commute time for yourself!

Spend your ride to work enjoying the sights of your city or listening to your favorite playlist. Bring a book to enjoy or a laptop to get a jump start on the day. There’s no need to pay attention to traffic or worry about the rules of the road when you’re just the passenger.

5) Provides a Healthier Lifestyle

People who take the bus and other forms of public transit are more active than their sedentary driving counterparts! Regular exercise and physical activity lower the risk for a lot of increasingly common and serious diseases—diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, etc.

You’ll get three times the number of steps in walking to and from bus stops and destinations than you will from your driveway to your home or parking lot to your office. Many public vehicles also require or have the option for you to stand, allowing you to burn even more calories.

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