Smiling bus driver looking at camera ready to pick up kids from summer school

Students get transported to school every day across the country, but what happens to all the drivers once those students get released for summer break? Depending on the individual driver, there are endless possible answers.

Here are a few options school bus drivers have for employment during the summer season!

Complete Training

This option applies more to bus drivers-in-training, but many people use the summer months to focus on learning everything they need to know to be a school bus driver and completing any training or licensing they need for the upcoming school year.

Drive for Parks and Recreation Activities

Many school bus drivers enjoy serving their local town and communities during the summertime. They might get contracted through local towns’ parks and recreation departments to transport kids for various fun summer trips and activities.

Summer School

Summer school bus driver jobs are seasonal positions that involve transporting students during summer school or summertime activities. Your duties vary depending on the details of your post. As a summer bus driver, your responsibilities often include using a bus to pick up and drop off summer school students on a set route before and after classes. You can also drive students to destinations where they participate in summer activities or sports.

Take a Vacation

Some school bus drivers take this time to plan a vacation with their own families. Many drivers enjoy spending the summers with their children, which is one of the number one perks of the job! If your financial situation allows it, you might even take the whole summer off from work!

However you choose to spend your summer as a school bus driver, it’s important to have safe and reliable transportation for all the children that need it. At Northwest Bus Sales, we sell high-quality new and used school buses. From short ADA school buses to full-size 78-passenger options, we have a bus to suit any child’s needs.

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