senior woman looking out bus window As you get older and start living out your golden years, there are many reasons why driving a car may no longer be an option for transportation. It could be a medical condition that makes driving unsafe or simply the lifestyle changes that come with aging and make owning a vehicle impractical. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternative transportation options that allow senior citizens to maintain their independence—including public transportation.

If you’re a senior trying to navigate the public transit system, we have a few tips to help keep you moving as safely as possible!

Watch Your Step as You Board

When your bus, train, or subway car arrives, don’t approach the doors until it has stopped completely. As you board, be aware of gaps between platforms or curbs and vehicle entrances, and use handrails to steady yourself. Even if you’re using a lift for a wheelchair or walker, you should hold onto the rail in case it starts moving suddenly. You should also have your fare ready so you don’t risk losing your balance to search for it on board.

Stay Alert for the Entirety of Your Ride

Anybody using public transit should remain alert during their ride, but seniors especially need to be conscious of what’s happening around them. Hold onto your belongings and keep an eye on any strangers who might consider you an easy target. Also, remain attentive in your seat in case of sudden movements that could cause you or someone around you to jerk forward or fall and result in you getting hurt.

Prepare Yourself to Exit in Advance

While you don’t want to stand up or walk to the front while the vehicle is in motion, it’s a good idea to get everything you need ready in your seat as your stop gets closer. This way, you won’t have to rush or hold up anyone else. You should look for priority seating near the doors to make exiting quicker—and don’t be afraid to ask someone who doesn’t need it to move! As you exit the vehicle, take the same precautions you did while boarding, i.e., watching your step, using handrails, and checking for gaps and uneven pavement.

At Northwest Bus Sales, many of our new and used buses come equipped or can be outfitted with everything your organization needs to accommodate senior passengers and passengers with disabilities. With one of our premier public transportation shuttles, vans, or coach buses in your fleet, you can assure every one of your customers can ride in comfort and safety!

To learn more about our ADA vehicles and other models in our inventory, contact one of our specialists today!