New and Used Buses for Sale near WashingtonWhen you own or manage a bus business, one of the most important factors in your success is the team of bus drivers you have working for you. Once you’ve come up with your recruitment plan, you’ll need to narrow down which of the applicants will be able to safely and effectively fulfill the role. But when you’re interviewing a wide pool of individuals, how can you tell who will do well and who won’t live up to expectations?

The answer is simple: knowing the qualities of a successful bus driver can help you choose the best person for the position and build a team of highly-qualified, reliable drivers to operate your fleet! Let’s take a look at the top traits to look for when you hire a bus driver:

1) Personable

The drivers who operate your buses are the face of your company’s brand. You want to ensure that the people representing you make a good impression on passengers, so they keep choosing you over the competition. A good bus driver will make passengers feel comfortable and welcome from the moment they step on. They should be friendly, greeting everyone with a smile, and willing to interact a bit with the people they’re driving. When passengers have a fun travel experience, they’re more likely to come back.

2) Calm & Collected

Bus drivers can have fun at their job, but they will also be facing stressful situations on the road. A driver needs to be able to remain calm under pressure, so that when these situations happen, they can handle them safely and make rational decisions. Bus drivers should be prepared to deal with poor weather conditions, traffic, potential accidents, passenger conflict, and angry drivers on the road, just to name a few examples.

3) Punctual

When you’re a bus driver, sticking to a schedule is crucial to keep routes running smoothly and passengers happy. If the bus is supposed to show up at 10 a.m. and your driver doesn’t show up until 10:20, those passengers are now late for their next destination and not going to choose your company again. For that reason, bus drivers must be able to manage their time well. This includes accounting for traffic and other circumstances that may slow them down.

4) Leadership

The driver of a bus is in charge of their vehicle and every single passenger on it. They must be able to enforce the rules and maintain control in order to keep everyone safe and provide the best possible travel experience. Bus drivers must also be confident enough to take charge and make decisions on behalf of everyone’s safety and best interests. If a fight breaks out on a bus and the driver panics or just ignores it, for example, the safety of everyone on board is now in jeopardy.

5) Dedication

Last, but certainly not least, the most successful bus drivers are individuals who are dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all passengers. Driving a bus all day requires great focus and attention, so the drivers you employ must be motivated to meet the expected standards and respect the rules of the road. People who aren’t passionate or don’t have a sense of commitment to their jobs are more likely to slack. In the bus driving business, a slacking driver can create some serious and dangerous problems.

Once you’ve found your team of quality bus drivers, the next step to success is to ensure you have top-quality vehicles for them to drive—and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Northwest Bus Sales! Our extensive selection of new and used buses has something to meet the needs of any fleet and our experts will be more than happy to help you choose the right ones.

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