happy mother and son with tablet pc computer sitting in travel bus

Traveling by bus is a simple and convenient way to get around; however, when you add children into the mix, doing so can be a bit more complicated. Whether it’s a vacation or a visit with relatives, planning a trip with children is stressful for even the most organized parent.

Don’t worry! A calm, peaceful trip is a possibility with the right planning. Here are a few tips to make the bus adventure with your children a great memory!

Bring Snacks

Snacks are the key to happy travels. It’s surprising how many ailments are cured by seeing a child’s favorite food, making them a vital commodity on bus trips. A good rule of thumb is to bring along a variety of snacks, at least one option per hour of your journey. Still, you must put most of your focus on healthy options to avoid the hyperactivity of a sugar rush and crankiness of the inevitable crash.

Pack Some Entertainment

Bus rides are often longer compared to other forms of travel, with buses making multiple stops along the journey. Providing various forms of entertainment for your children on the bus ride will help to keep them occupied.

Consider coloring books and handheld electronic games to keep young minds occupied. Don’t forget to download some movies to keep them busy if you have the technology. Keeping children mentally stimulated will make the bus ride go smoothly and make the trip more comfortable!

Prepare for Messes

As a parent, you’re used to tackling spilled drinks, food-covered clothing, and diaper leaks regularly, so normally, you’re prepared for anything. Yet, the attention required when planning a family trip makes it easy to overlook things you normally wouldn’t. Before the day of your departure, make a list of everything you need for unexpected messes, like baby wipes, hand sanitizer, and diapers. If your trip is over a few hours long, it’s wise to bring a few extra sets of clothing on board for everyone. Pack everything on your emergency cleanup list a few days ahead of your bus journey to avoid forgetting them in the last-minute rush.

Successful bus travel with kids relies on planning ahead, so you and your kiddos will have a fun, exciting, and relaxing trip.

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