Traveling by bus is a simple and convenient way to travel, however when you add children into the mix, doing so can get a bit more complicated.

Northwest Bus Sales is offering several suggestions on how to handle bus traveling with children for a smooth, fun ride.

Do Your Research

Compare bus lines for ticket prices and see if you can find discounts for children in their appropriate age group. Depending on where you live, children under a certain age might even be free. Keep in mind that children are often considered adult travelers when they reach a certain age so keep that in mind when shopping for tickets.

Look up reviews to find out how child-friendly a bus line is. Find out if the bus has seatbelts or if you can bring a child safety seat on the bus.

Pack Some Entertainment

Bus rides are often longer compared to other forms of travel, with buses making multiple stops along the journey. Providing various forms of entertainment for your children on the bus ride will help to keep them occupied.

Consider coloring books and handheld electronic games to keep young minds occupied. Don’t forget to download some movies to keep them busy if you have the technology to do so. Keeping children busy will make the bus ride go smoothly and make the trip more comfortable.

Remember Bus Safety

Go over some bus safety tips with your children prior to boarding the bus. Remind them to remain seated while the bus is moving, and if there are seatbelts, encourage them to put them on.

Be sure to pack some water and snacks as well as blankets in the event of an unscheduled stop. The more safety tips you review with your child prior to traveling, the easier bus travel will be.

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