How to Plan the Perfect Wine Tour

Whether you want to increase your knowledge about local wines or have a specific event (such as a bachelorette party), wine tours are a great way to explore local wineries and have a great time with friends. While they may seem overwhelming to plan at first, only a few key things are needed to have a successful wine tour!

Call Ahead

A great first step is to call some local wineries and see what they offer in wine tour packages. After getting a list of wineries and their offers, you can begin to make a schedule for the day. It’s also important to call and build a good rapport with them to ensure your time at the winery will go smoothly.

Bring Snacks

When it comes to visiting wineries throughout the day, it’s always best to be over-prepared rather than underprepared. Have a cooler of water bottles and some small bags of chips or other snacks. People are sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness of your preparedness.

Rent a Shuttle Bus

One of the main questions about wine tours is: how are we getting to each vineyard? And for that, in large, the best way to go is renting a shuttle bus. Many buses have fantastic amenities such as Bluetooth compatibility to play your own music, luxury seating, wheelchair accessibility, and passenger-controlled temperatures.

Northwest Bus Sales has you covered if you’re looking to add a high-quality bus to your fleet! Offering wine tours is a great way to drum up business in the summer months ahead, and we can supply you with reliable buses that are perfect for withstanding long days through the vineyards. Call us at (800)231-7099 to find your perfect wine tour bus today!