Since it was first introduced in the early 1990’s, The D-Series has become the undisputed workhorse of the MCI coach bus lineup. They’re known for being comfortable, economical, and reliable. Here at Northwest Bus Sales, we’re fortunate enough to have a number of these buses on our lot at the moment. Today, we’ll look at a few of our favorites.

1997 MCI 102-DL3

Product Spotlight: MCI D-Series CoachesHere we have a well maintained DL3 in excellent condition. A little wear and tear in high-traffic areas, but a bus with plenty of life left in it. Powered by a hefty Detroit series 60 12.7 liter turbo diesel engine, it has the low-end torque to haul full loads gracefully up to speed. With a rear restroom and plenty of luggage storage, the DL3 is a great for long day trips or overnighters. Tires have plenty of tread and it’s ready to serve right off the lot. It might not be packed with all the latest and greatest luxury amenities, but if comfort and affordability are what you’re after the DL3 can’t be beat.

1996 MCI 102-D3

Product Spotlight: MCI D-Series CoachesThe D3 offers all the comfort and reliability of the DL3 but in a slightly smaller package. The paint job on this particular coach is in remarkably good condition. Passenger upholstery is also well cared for and shows few signs of wear. Just like its big brother, the D3 also has plenty of storage for passenger cargo. This D3 is a good-looking, well maintained vehicle that should make a great addition to any coach fleet.
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