A Netherlands based company, appropriately named the Food Truck Company, has devoted itself to repurposing used vehicles for up-and-coming food truck companies. The process of turning a public transport vehicle into a roving kitchen is no small undertaking, and now thanks to a video the company recently posted on their YouTube page, we can watch the whole process from start to finish. This particular bus was converted for the Dutch food truck company Felix.
Food trucks have become hot items on the streets of many American Cities in recent years, offering their patrons fresh and flexible food options at a moment’s notice. Virtually none of these vehicles start out as food trucks. Rather, companies such as the Food Truck Company do complete overhauls of existing transit buses, plumbing them for water and gas and outfitting them with all the equipment they’ll need to prepare food on the go.
Food trucks are an exciting new business prospect for many entrepreneurs, and now we’re finally able to see first-hand how a bus becomes a food truck.
Check it out for yourself!


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