Passengers traveling by public transport

Public transportation is a quick and easy way to get where you need to go, and with today’s gas prices, it’s the most cost-efficient way to travel. When riding on public transportation, you must be alert and exercise-sense precautions for safety and crime prevention.

Here are a few top tips for staying safe on public transport!

Stay Awake and Alert

You may be tempted to read a book, check your messages, or take a quick nap on public transportation, but that’s the perfect way to have your wallet, camera, backpack, and other items stolen. Plus, you could end up in a strange place at the end of the bus line with no way to get back if you sleep too long! Stay awake and alert no matter how tired you are.

Look for a Badge or Permit

A legitimate taxi or bus driver in the U.S. will have a badge displayed, so take a quick look around before you get in and feel free not to get in if you don’t see one. When you spot a badge, check out the picture and be sure it looks like your driver.

Keep Your Belongings Secure

It’s essential to keep close control over your belongings on public transport. This is especially important if you have several bags or packages or if everyone on the bus or train has similar bags. It’s easy for a thief to switch out an empty one that looks just like yours when all the bags come from the same retailer.

Bunch your bags between your feet or close on the seat beside you when you’re sitting, and keep hold of them when you’re standing.

Get off a Crowded Bus

When people are crammed around you, it’s harder for you to watch and protect your belongings. Crowds are not a traveler’s friend; they can make it far easier for pickpockets and thieves to do their dirty work and escape quickly.

If things are getting too crowded, get off the bus at the next well-lit stop and wait for a less crowded one.

Keep these tips in mind when traveling on public transportation day or night, and you can be sure to have a successful and safe trip!

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