Buses in the modern repair service workshop

Buses are a great way to get students to school or get people where they need to go in a busy city, but they take on a lot of extra strain compared to the average vehicle, leading to mechanical issues over time.

Here are a few of the most common mechanical issues in buses to watch out for so you can ensure the safety of all your passengers!

Brake Issues

Commercial buses make a lot of stops, so the brakes are bound to have more than the usual wear and tear after a while. They use air brake systems that require different maintenance procedures than most cars’ hydraulic brakes. These brakes can malfunction due to a blocked air dryer cartridge, a broken compressor inlet pipe, or a leak somewhere in the braking system. When a bus suffers a brake failure, it could result in a catastrophic collision, so it’s essential to address warning signs such as unusual noises or delayed reaction time.

Dead Batteries

If the bus battery dies, your vehicle could be out an entire day, which will cause a major issue for your bus route. Over time, road surface vibration can knock the battery out of place, so ensure it is firmly secured to prevent damage. Check for loose cables and corrosion to the battery terminals and identify appliances on your bus powered by the battery and ensure they aren’t drawing too much.

Overheated Engine

Buses have very powerful engines, but that does not make them immune to challenges like overheating. When the gauge needle on the bus’s dashboard moves toward the red zone, the engine must be inspected and repaired if needed. The fix might involve replacing a radiator hose or flushing out the radiator, or it could involve more in-depth work, like replacing the thermostat.

Tire Issues

Large buses typically require more frequent tire service than cars. In addition to traveling longer distances, buses carry heavy loads, which lead to greater wear on the treads. Tires should be inspected daily, and investing in tire inflation monitors and tire inflation systems can extend the life of your tires and increase fuel economy.

You can avoid these common mechanical issues by having a skilled bus mechanic inspect and service your vehicle regularly.

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