Three buses at bus stop in front of reconstructed lviv railway station snowing winter night

The holidays are here, which means the winter season is just beginning! Shorter days and colder nights can make traveling a real hassle, especially if you must ride public transit. If you don’t properly prepare for your daily commute, you could put your health and safety at risk and make your day harder than it has to be!

Here are a few winter safety tips for riding public transportation during this chilly season.

Give Yourself Extra Time

When the weather conditions are not ideal, ensure you give yourself enough time to make it to the train or the bus stop. Delays on public transit are also common during the winter, so you might have to leave extra early, giving yourself some wiggle room to ensure you make it to work on time in case of an accident or slow traffic due to heavy snowfall.

Dress Appropriately

Just as you dress for success for a day at the office, you must put thought and intention into your commuting attire. When the temperature drops below zero, frostbite can set in within half an hour. Dress warmly in layers for those long waits at the bus stop or strenuous walks to work. Consider investing in an electric hand warmer or foot warmers for your boots. Don’t be concerned about how you look when dressing for the cold winter conditions. It is better to be warm and safe than fashionable and frostbitten.

Board with Caution

In areas covered with snow and ice or blocked by a snowbank, wait on the sidewalk or a cleared driveway or corner. Do not stand in the street or wait at the top of a snowbank for your bus. Wait until the bus has come to a complete stop before trying to board. Melting snow and ice can make bus floors slippery, so keep your shoes as clean as possible before boarding and hold handrails when walking or standing inside the bus.

Practicing these winter safety tips is a great way to ensure you do all you can to stay safe in unfavorable conditions, but the rest is left to the transportation drivers! Whether you own or manage a fleet of buses or drive one yourself, it’s important to stay educated on the best safety measures for operating a bus in winter conditions.

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