Used Buses for Sale near SeattleWhen you run a church or other place of worship, you should always be looking for new and unique ways to connect with your community and grow your congregation. As a church leader, another aspect of your role is to ensure you’re meeting the needs of your existing parish too. Did you know that purchasing a used bus can help you do that?

Think about how often and how many places you travel to in your mission work, even just in your immediate neighborhood. A used bus is a safe, affordable, and convenient way to further your efforts. Take a look at how your church can benefit from owning one!

1) Expand your community outreach.

With your own means of group transportation, there is greater opportunity to widen the scope of your service projects. You and your members will be able to travel further distances and complete trips more frequently with a bus at your disposal.

Increase your visits to area hospitals, food pantries, homeless shelters, resource centers, and more. Plus, the size of a bus offers an increased capacity for picking up and delivering donations such as food, clothing, first-aid supplies, and more.

2) Boost church attendance.

There’s a good chance that there are people in your community who are interested in joining and attending your church, but don’t have the means of transportation to do so. A used bus can solve that problem by allowing you to provide a local pickup service for weekly services, groups, and other events. Your church will become more accessible, facilitating greater participation and growing your congregation.

Community members without cars, seniors who can no longer drive, or even anyone who doesn’t want to drive in inclement weather can now get to your church conveniently and at no cost to them. If you opt for a used bus with accessibility features, you also open up more participation opportunities for community members with disabilities.

3) Increase youth involvement.

One of the most crucial components of long-term church development is your youth membership. Unfortunately, younger church members cannot easily transport themselves and don’t always have parents who are willing or able to provide transportation for them. A church bus is a safe and efficient way to offer an alternative.

You’ll be able to plan more youth events, activities, bible schools/camps, etc. and get children more involved in your mission. Plus, traveling together in a group environment is a great way for kids to bond. An investment in a used bus is an investment of the future of your ministry.

4) Promote your brand.

Although you probably don’t think of it this way, your church is sort of like a business in that it’s an organization with a unique brand. If you want to broaden your audience, you need to increase local recognition of that brand. A used bus can help you do that.

You’re free to style your bus however you’d like. Plaster your name, address, service schedule, phone number, website, even a mission statement on the outside to tell passersby what you’re about. It’s like having a billboard you can drive around town. You’ll draw more attention to your organization, attract new members, and invite or remind them to join you.

The professionals at Northwest Bus Sales can set up you and your church (or other religious organization) with the perfect bus to help you carry out your mission far and wide. Our inventory is filled with different types of new and used buses with varying capacities and features to fit your unique needs and budget.

To learn more about the buses we have available, give us a call at 800-231-7099 today!