Young person helping a senior citizen travel safelyTraveling with senior citizens can present unique challenges. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling by air, boat, bus, or another form of transportation. You need to take the proper precautions to ensure seniors arrive at their destination safely. Seniors may require extra care and attention on long journeys depending on their physical state and condition.

Here are a few tips to utilize when traveling with senior citizens!

Give Yourself Extra Time

When planning a trip that will include one or more senior citizens, make sure you adjust your schedule accordingly to allow for extra time for getting to and from places. A simple activity such as maneuvering up a set of stairs can take a significant amount of time for a senior who struggles with hip or leg pain. If you fail to plan your schedule with the time you need, you will find yourself running behind, and you could miss reservations along the way.

Keep Accessibility in Mind

While some senior citizens can still use the stairs and walk longer distances, others will require accommodations when traveling. For example, a senior with a walker or cane will likely not be able to walk across an airport and might need to catch a shuttle or be seated in a wheelchair. You want to make sure accessibility options are available and that your senior will be able to keep up with the group.

Consider Traveling by Bus

While it’s not impossible to travel by air or boat with a senior, the easiest way to travel with seniors is by bus. Some buses come equipped with wheelchair lifts that simplify seniors getting in and out. They may also have restrooms that people can use at any time. They can fit up to 56 or more people, and everyone will be comfortable when you travel by bus.

Whether you plan a trip for a senior group or an outing for a retirement home, buses are your best bet. Northwest Bus Sales can provide you with the buses you need to travel safely with seniors. All our buses are inspected for safety and will prove to be ideal for senior travelers. Call us at (800)231-7099 today to inquire about our inventory!