A school bus that has been recently cleaned following proper procedures

With the number of children that ride the bus each day to and from school, messes are bound to be made, and germs are inevitably lurking on every surface. Drivers, janitors, and school bus fleet managers need to do what they can to keep buses clean and safe, not only for the children but for themselves.

Here’s how to keep your school buses clean and safe for all passengers!

Create a Bus Cleaning Plan

A detailed bus cleaning plan will help bus drivers and maintenance crews keep their vehicles as clean and safe as possible. This plan should include a regular cleaning schedule, a list of supplies and products, and specific instructions on where and how to use each.

Use Safe Cleaning Products

Bus drivers and fleet managers need to use products that will effectively and safely clean the interior surfaces of their buses. Most conventional cleaners contain harmful chemicals, so it’s important to pay attention to the ingredients in the products used to clean surfaces that children are exposed to. There are plenty of environmentally friendly, non-conventional cleaning products that reduce exposure to chemicals like bleach and ammonia.

Understand Cleaning vs. Sanitizing

Cleaning and sanitizing each have their place in maintaining your school bus. Cleaning with a mop or rag is good for spills or easy-to-spot messes, but sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces requires specialized products and instructions. Improper sanitizing may cause further spread of bacteria, so be sure to read directions and product descriptions carefully.

You should be sanitizing your bus daily and picking up any trash left behind at the end of the day. Depending on your bus cleaning plan, a more thorough deep clean should be done once a month or every few weeks.

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