People have come up with a lot of fun and innovative ways to give tourists a good look at a city, but our favorite by far is the Hop On Hop Off bus tour! These tours offer a convenient and efficient way to make the most of your time when you’re traveling—not to mention the great photos you can snap from the top of a double decker.

When you’re planning your next vacation itinerary, consider the advantages to opting for these one-of-a-kind rides!

Why A Hop On Hop Off Tour is the Best Way to Explore a City

You won’t miss out on any of the major tourist sites.

A HOHO bus tour is the perfect way to get a good overview of a city, especially if you’re limited on time. A lot of day tours can only hit so many major attractions within their allotted hours, but a bus is free to roam the city all day long! Guarantee yourself a comprehensive survey of the best of what the city you visit has to offer, and don’t miss out on any by trying to navigate yourself.

Have the freedom and flexibility to customize your experience.

The great thing about a Hop On Hop Off bus is that it allows you to do just that—hop on and hop off whenever you like! Choose which places you want to stop at and how much time you want to spend there. Skip spots that have no interest to you or aren’t high enough on your wish list to spare the time for.

Most cities have several HOHO buses operating on several different routes. They run frequently and reach all of the important metropolitan corners. If a bus hits on every attraction you’ve been dying to see but one, there’s probably another nearby that’ll take you there!

Get a unique perspective.

Travel like a local on one of these buses and experience the city at street view. The visuals that a tour bus offers certainly surpass anything you might see on the metro by far. HOHO buses are also very educational—they offer audio guides in several languages, informational brochures, and sometimes come equipped with their own in-person tour guide. Learn about each site and hear some interesting facts about the city as you explore!

Buses are a cheap and convenient tour option.

Hop On Hop Off tours are remarkably cheap for everything you get out of them. See and secure transportation to all of the major tourist sites of a city for one reasonable ticket price. You won’t have to pay for a guided tour of every attraction, or a combo tour that only hits some of the ones you’re interested in. Some HOHO tours even offer attraction discounts with their tickets.

These buses run constantly, so they’re always readily available to fit your schedule. It’s a safe way to get around an unfamiliar city, and an excellent solution for individuals with mobility issues.

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