Used Bus Buying ChecklistPurchasing used buses is one way many organizations save money when they need to add to their fleet. Thanks to advances in modern manufacturing, buses have longer lifespans than ever and businesses are able to find great quality used buses that will provide them with many years of reliable service.


What should you know, or ask, when purchasing a used bus?


Determine How the Bus Will Be Used


There are a multitude of used buses on the market today, from school buses to limousines. Likewise, knowing how you will use the bus will guide your purchasing decision. Will you be using the bus for long distance travel or local driving? Does the bus need to be wheelchair accessible for picking up and transporting disabled passengers?


You can only truly save money on the purchase of a used bus if it fulfills your needs. Otherwise, you will find yourself needing to make another purchase in the future.


Know Your Budget


Before scouring the market for a used bus, it is vital that you or the company purchaser understands the budget. Time and energy will be saved on both ends of the transaction if you can rule out a certain size or type of bus due to its price point. This way, you won’t waste your time or the seller’s surveying a bus that you cannot afford.


Furthermore, all costs and potential costs should be taken into consideration. How much will it cost to insure the bus? Are there any immediate repairs needed? What are you willing to spend on maintenance?


Inspect the Bus


Before you commit to buying a bus we always recommend giving it a thorough first-hand inspection. Sometimes, business owners buy buses sight unseen without fully understanding the maintenance that might be required of them in the future. It might seem like common sense, but it’s an important step that gets neglected all too often.


At Northwest Bus Sales, we carry an extensive inventory of used bus options in addition to our late model buses. Want to learn more about the buses on our lot? Browse our entire selection online, or give us a call today for more information.