Shuttle Bus Picking Up Hotel GuestsWhen we decide to stay at hotels, we often judge things based on comfort. How easy is check-in and check-out? Are the rooms suitable to stay in? How approachable is the staff? These are just some of the questions we all ask ourselves. But if comfort is your criteria, you likely only consider hotels that offer a shuttle bus service.

Hotels that offer a shuttle bus service add a valuable accommodation that most customers look for, and in fact, desire.

Take Care of Transportation in Advance

You’re much more likely to get where you’re going on time when transportation is taken care of ahead of time. And with shuttle buses, that can be the case. Hotels that do have shuttle buses often allow clients to book in advance, so the shuttle bus is there waiting for them at their desired time. Now that is seamless! This is especially helpful for those who are traveling for business.

Assist with Luggage

If you’re staying in a hotel you are likely traveling which means, you’ll have baggage with you. With shuttle buses, guests will have that ease of a helping hand, as most shuttle bus drivers are hired to lift bags on or out of a shuttle bus. Whether you’re traveling to an airport or an event, that small dose of help is one less thing to worry about.

Local Experience is Key

If you’re taking a shuttle bus, there’s a good chance that the driver making the trip has done it a few times before. And that’s the sort of experience you’ll want in your guide—someone who knows the hotel, knows the local roads, and knows the most comfortable way to go about it all. Those insider tips are essential here. It will put your guests at ease when traveling.

If you’re a hotelier looking to add shuttle buses to improve your overall client experience, contact us at Northwest Bus Sales today for more information!