There are a lot of personal considerations to make when you decide to buy a used bus. How do you want to use it? How much use are you looking to get out of it? How much room do you need? Once you determine the answers to these questions and any other needs you have for your bus, you’re ready to start shopping!

As you browse through online listings and peruse sale lots, there’s a new set of factors to keep in mind to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Be sure to do your research and ask important questions to the seller when examining a used bus. Making a fully informed decision is the only way to guarantee the one you choose will be exactly what you want and need it to be!

Used Buses for Sale in the Northwest

Learn about the history of the bus.

You have to remember when you’re buying a used bus that it had an entire active life before it ended up in the sale lot! Vet a bus’s history like you would a potential employee. Ask to see its maintenance records and take note of how well its been cared for.

Look at the repair history too. Has it been in an accident? Was it repaired to the standard it was before it was damaged? Familiarizing yourself with a bus’s past will tell you a lot about its future outlook.

Pay attention to rust.

Some rust is to be expected when you’re looking at used buses—it’s a natural product of age. If you’re seeing more rust than paint however, that’s a red flag to take note of.

Don’t just evaluate surface rust either, check the entire vehicle, especially around the important features. Look for rust in the interior, underneath the bus, inside the wall, on the steps, and near the lights too. You can get rid of a lot of surface rust if you really want to, but rust on the inner workings of a bus can signal a decline in quality.

Evaluate the condition.

Thoroughly inspect any used bus you’re considering buying to determine if it’s worth the price and will serve its intended purpose. Start by checking the frame for damage, rust, and bending. The frame of a bus is very expensive to repair, which means a used one with a damaged frame is not going to be worth the money or effort.

Inspect the mechanics of the bus too. Check on the status of the transmission, engine, brakes, and tires. These can all be very expensive parts to replace or repair, so you want to be sure they’re in decent shape.

At Northwest Bus Sales, our used buses are in excellent condition and all the information you need before you buy is readily available! Our experts will also be on hand to answer any additional questions you may have about a model. Look through our wide selection online or stop by the lot and take a look in person and let us help you find a used bus that’s perfect for your needs!