New and Used Buses for Sale in Seattle, WAAh, the smartphone. It’s a technological marvel that has both blessed and cursed us at the same time. While it’s incredibly useful and convenient to have instant communication capabilities and information access at our fingertips, it’s also a distraction that can make us behave unconsciously (or for some, consciously) rude to others. Nobody likes being cut off when someone else takes a phone call mid-conversation or feeling like they’re talking to a wall while someone scrolls through Facebook at the dinner table.

One place where cell phone use can be especially annoying and inconsiderate? Public transportation! Buses, metros, trains, and other public transit services are for everybody, so it’s important to be respectful of those around you and the space you’re sharing. When it comes to cell phones, here are the public transportation tips you should follow to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience!

Keep your ringer on silent.

Many commuters use their time on public transportation as an opportunity to get in the right mindset for the day or unwind after work. The sudden blaring of your ringtone or text notification is a surefire way to disrupt their efforts and provoke a few dirty looks thrown your way. Be considerate and turn your phone on silent, or at least vibrate, when you’re using public transit. If you forget (hey, we’re all human) and it starts ringing, answer or silence it ASAP.

Avoid taking or making calls.

Phone conversations in an enclosed space, like a bus or subway car, are annoying and, most of the time, unnecessary. Wait until you’ve reached your destination or transfer spot to make any phone calls. If you’re on public transit and have to take an important call that can’t wait, keep it short and as quiet as you can. Don’t get overly personal in your conversation either—no one needs to hear you describe symptoms to your doctor or tear your significant other a new one on their morning commute.

Don’t get sucked into your screen.

There’s nothing wrong with texting or keeping yourself occupied with your phone while riding public transportation. But don’t forget that you still need to be paying attention to your surroundings. You don’t want to miss your stop, accidentally bump into someone, or look like a jerk not giving up your seat for a pregnant woman who just boarded a full bus.

Be mindful of your entertainment choices.

Speaking of keeping yourself occupied, remember that you’re in a shared space as you choose what to watch, read, or listen to on your commute. Be respectful of those around you and don’t entertain yourself with anything graphic or inappropriate (i.e., save your Game of Thrones bingeing for your living room). You should also be using headphones on public transit, so as not to subject anyone else to whatever you’re watching or listening to.

Put your phone away when it comes time to exit.

Exiting a crowded public transportation vehicle can be a tricky maneuver in and of itself. Add a passenger distracted by their cell phone to the mix? Things can get dangerous, quickly. When you know your stop is coming up, put your phone away. If you’re trying to text or catch the last five minutes of the episode you were watching as you exit the vehicle, you’re more likely to trip, bump into someone else, or even drop your phone. Just peel your eyes away from your screen until you’re safely offboard and out of the way, so no one gets hurt and nothing gets damaged.

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